Tar et ord og lar det vandre, deler det med mange andre.

Are you a believer?

The 10 commandments of business:

(according to Marketing 3.0 by Kotler, Kartajaya and Setiawan 2010)

  1. Love your customer, respect your competitors.
    • Treat your customers with love, and your competitors with respect.
  2. Be sensitive to changes, prepare to adapt.
    • When times change, change with time.
  3. Guard your name, and show yourself.
    • Clarify your values and don’t give them up.
  4. Customers are diversified, target those who need you most first.
    • Focus on those you can be most valuable to.
  5. Offer a good deal at a fair price.
    • Use fair prices to show your quality.
  6. Make yourself available, and spread the good news.
    • Help your potential customers to find you.
  7. Get customers, keep them and train them.
    • Consider your customers customers for live.
  8. Whatever field you’re in, you provide a service.
    • Every business is a service provider, because every product delivers a service.
  9. Sharpen you business process at all times regarding quality, cost and delivery.
    • Improve your business process every day in every way.
  10. Gather relevant information but use your sense taking the final decision.
    • Wise leaders evaluate more than the financial effect of a decision.

Based on these 10 guidelines and a good set of values, I believe that a company on a mission to change peoples lives in a good way, while taking care of environmental and social challenges will win.


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